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Monitor iPhone/iPad without a Jailbreak
Posted by Admin Truehelpdesk on 16 November 2015 07:21 AM

Keeping tabs on the online activities of kids and employees on all iOS devices has gotten even simpler as jailbreak is no longer a prerequisite for Mobistealth to work. Mobistealth is the first monitoring app to support all Non-Jailbroken iOS devices. Moreover, the solution lets you carry out the monitoring without requiring physical access to the device or installing anything on it. All that you require is the Apple ID and password of the iPhone or iPad that you want to monitor to get remote access to:

  •  SMS History
  •  MMS 
  •  CALL History
  •  WhatsApp Chat
  •  Skype Chat
  •  Viber Chat
  •  Kik Chat
  •  LINE Chat
  •  Contacts
  •  Pictures and much more

The Mobistealth solution goes the extra mile to deliver results and convenience so that you remain well informed and in control at all times.

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How to jail-break iPhone with iOS 9.0 upto 9.0.2?
Posted by Ishtiaq Ahmad on 30 October 2015 01:09 PM

Dear Valued Customers,

Mobistealth now supports all iPhones having iOS versions upto 9.0.2. .All features are supported on iOS upto 9.0.2 except Internet location. However this feature is supported on iOS below 7.0.



Mobistealth Customer Support

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Refund Policy for Android/Blackberry/Windows PC/Nokia Symbian
Posted by Admin Truehelpdesk on 06 December 2013 12:33 PM
Pre-Installation refund policy for Android/Blackberry/Windows/Nokia Symbian

MobiStealth offers a One Month pre-installation money back guarantee. This guarantee will be applicable in following cases

  1. Customer is unable to install MobiStealth successfully
  2. Customer is unable to gain access of the phone/computer that is to be monitored
Post-Installation refund policy for Android/Blackberry/Windows/Nokia Symbian

MobiStealth offers a 15 days post Installation money back guarantee. If there is an issue with the functionality of the MobiStealth product on your Phone/Computer then our support staff will work with you to resolve the issue. The customer is required to report the issue within 05 days of installing MobiStealth. If we are unable to resolve the issue reported subsequent to the installation of MobiStealth, then a refund will be issued.

However, the customer bears the responsibility of installation of software on the target Phone/Computer that needs to be monitored. Additionally, in the event a purchase is made under the false assumption that physical access is not needed to install the software on the target/monitored Phone/Computer, Mobistealth is not liable to issue any refund.

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Pro version Launched for Symbian Phones
Posted by Ishtiaq Ahmad on 19 December 2011 12:57 PM
We are pleased to inform you that Mobistealth has launched its PRO version for Symbian Phones as previously only LITE version was available.
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Mobistealth Now support Blackberry with latest OS 7.0
Posted by Ishtiaq Ahmad on 08 September 2011 10:15 AM
Dear valued customer,

We are pleased to announce that MobiStealth now supports latest BlackBerry OS 7 however if you face any issue regarding
the applications's functionlaity with this new OS you can write to
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