Refund Policy for iOS – iPhone & iPad licenses
Posted by Admin Truehelpdesk on 08 December 2015 12:53 PM
Refundable Scenarios
  • Customer is unable to gain access to the iPhone/iPad that is to be monitored
  • There is no data available for device
Non-refundable scenarios
  • Customer wanted MobiStealth to monitor multiple devices with only one license
  • Resetting mobile device to original factory settings
  • iCloud is or becomes disabled on the target iOS device at any time
  • Data is deleted on the target device before the next iCloud backup
  • Once the data is fetched and it appeared in dashboard, refund will not be given after that
  • Please be informed that due to third-party applications such as Google Chrome and iOS occasionally publishing updates that may result in temporary suspension of MobiStealth services, it is not possible to guarantee a 100% uptime. In the event of MobiStealth services remaining disrupted for more than 72 hours straight, your license expiry date will be adjusted accordingly to compensate for the time the services were unavailable. Affected customers are required to make a written request to for extension of subscription.
  • Please note that Mobistealth for iOS relies on the data backed up on Apple’s iCloud storage for functionality. The data available to you on your dashboard reflects data up to the most recent iCloud backup.
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