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We are sorry, currently device switching is not allowed on Mobistealth against Non-jailbreak solution. Only one Apple ID with one device ID is allowed under one license. If you want to monitor other iPhone/iPad, you have to purchase another license.
Yes, MobiStealth do support these features on Rooted android devices.
Mobistealth now supports iPhone with all iOS versions upto 8.4. Jailbreak for iOS upto 8.4 is available at [1].All features are supported on iOS upto 8.4 except location.However this feature is supported on iOS below 7.0. Links:...
Yes, Mobistealth does support non-jailbroken devices. With Mobistealth, all you need is the Apple ID & Password of the device which you want to monitor.
You can monitor only 1 active device under 1 non-jailbreak Mobistealth license. A device is considered active when any type of data has been fetched from it. Once your device is recognized as active, you cannot unlink it from your existing Mobistealth lic...
You can confirm if iCloud is enabled on the device or not by going to following setting on the device Settings > iCloud > Backup > iCloud Backup Make sure the iCloud Backup is ON on the device.
Pre-Installation refund policy: MobiStealth offers a One Month pre-installation money back guarantee. This guarantee will be applicable in following cases: - If the customer is unable to install MobiStealth successfully - If the customer is un...
\n\nRefundable Scenarios\n\n * Customer is unable to gain access to the iPhone/iPad that is to be monitored * There is no data available for device \n\nNon-refundable Scenarios\n\n * Customer wanted MobiStealth to monitor multiple devices with...
All Computers/Laptops with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10 ( for PC ) are supported. For MAC, Snow Leopard/Mountain Lion and Mavericks are supported.
You can see the supported Feature list for Non-Jailbreak solution for iPhones and iPads at [1] Links: ------ [1]
Please note that all iPhone/iPad users get 5 GB of free storage on iCloud backup. So if you can't see the latest data in your mobistealth account even when iCloud backup is enabled on the device then you should make sure that iCloud backup space is not...
Yup, Mobistealth do support all Mac versions upto 10.10.
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